What Story Do Your Financials Tell?

Patrick McMillan

Fractional CFO & Transaction Advisor @ Amplēo

Patrick is a finance aficionado with a zest for numbers and a knack for strategic guidance. As a CFO and transaction advisor at Amplēo, a Utah-based fractional firm specializing in part-time executives, Patrick brings over two decades of experience to the table.

Patrick collaborates closely with a team of over 160 consultants at Amplēo—a diverse group of fractional executives, including CFOs, controllers, CMOs, HR professionals, and turnaround specialists. Despite his extensive financial expertise, Patrick is anything but your typical accountant and finance strategist. His passion for numbers rivals others' love for chocolate or coffee, as evidenced by his favorite shirt proclaiming, "Warning: may talk about EBITDA."

Known for his infectious smile and joyful character, Patrick has a talent for guiding teams and companies through exponential growth. Throughout his career, he's served predominantly in C-suite roles, steering numerous entities to triple-digit growth year after year. Moreover, Patrick's meticulous approach to financial due diligence has been instrumental in facilitating M&A transactions totaling over $2 billion in combined valuation.

Beyond the boardroom, Patrick finds solace in the great outdoors, a passion cultivated during his upbringing in the Appalachian Mountains of northeast Tennessee. Whether biking, hiking, or camping with his wife, Erin, Patrick embraces nature's beauty, finding balance and inspiration in the wilderness.

Patrick McMillan will be speaking in the Acquisitions Track.