Melissa Garcia

I am absolutely passionate about being a product marketer. I have been a product marketer and content marketer for 10 years and love positioning and messaging a product for success in the marketplace. My job is like putting together a puzzle, trying to find the right customers for the right products. In the marketing world, we call this product market fit. At the center of everything I have accomplished in my career, across the many companies I have served as a product marketer, the customer is always the most important component. They are the hero. The product is only the guide or tool that will help them solve their problems and help them find their way to success. The customer should be placed at the heart and center of every go-to-market strategy. They are your secret sauce. I'm here to show you how to execute a go-to-market strategy that will knock your customers' socks off!

Melissa Garcia will be speaking in the Marketing Track.