Lyn Christian

With a coaching trajectory expanding nearly 30 years, Lyn Christian is an author, founder, speaker, and master-certified coach. Christian got their start in coaching at The Franklin Covey Company, pursuing their life's passion and leaving behind an honorable teaching career in education.

Through their tenacity and merit, helping orchestrate hundreds of coaching sessions for leadership teams and entrepreneurs, Christian became the Director of Innovation at Franklin Covey and an ambassador at The World Association for Business Coaches. After several more years and certifications, Christian launched their coaching company SoulSalt Inc. in 2002. Their coaching style has been coined the "soul salt" technique, an approach used to help anyone uncover the mental fortitude to overcome life's challenges.

When asked how they coined the soul salt approach, Christian explains, "It would have been nice to have been born with an owner's manual attached to our ankles. Well-meaning parents would have consulted [the manual] to know how to feed, care for and nurture the highest potential of each of us had they had this manual. But I believe in some way that this "manual" is buried inside the salt of our soul, and it is our opportunity and right to excavate it, bring it forward, and act upon it."

Lyn Christian will be speaking in the Performance Track.