Karalynne Call

Karalynne Call, Certified Nutritionist, is the Founder and CEO of Just Ingredients. Recognized as one of Utah’s Top 10 Fastest-Growing companies, Just Ingredients offers 200+ nutrition and personal care products made with nourishing, real, and natural ingredients. Karalynne has a strong influence on social media and has grown her Instagram community, @Just.Ingredients, to over 1 million people where she educates about the importance of knowing about the ingredients we put in and on our body. Her Top 20 ranking podcast, Just Ingredients, has been host to nationally renowned experts and doctors who help her share the best ingredients for life. Karalynne’s passion for mental health, educating others, and creating nourishing products has transformed lives and inspired millions.

Karalynne Call will be speaking in the Branding Track.