Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Heather Griffith Barber

Founding Partner @ Queen of Wraps

Heather Griffith Barber has always been involved in the family business. She was the only 8-year-old with a job. Entrepreneurship is in her blood. After graduating from the University of Utah she co-founded a company with her 3 brothers at age 23. What began as a one-man show has turned into a state-of-the-art printing company with five subsidiaries, 40 employees, and a 40,000sq ft campus. She is literally the Queen of Wraps.

In 2010 Heather stepped away from the day-to-day business in order to devote her time to her family. She remained passionate about entrepreneurship and used this flexible time to assist African refugees start small businesses. She also taught Foundation of Business courses at Salt Lake Community College. In 2021 she was asked to be the Chairman of the Board of Future Scholars of Africa, a Utah-based nonprofit. In 2023 she founded Crown Consulting Co. where she shares her knowledge through consulting and speaking. Her big audacious goal is to give 500 keynotes in her lifetime. Her book, That’s A Wrap: Strategies for Anchoring and Achieving Your Goals from the Queen is due to be published in Q1 2025. She received her Masters in Business Administration from Louisiana State University. She is a self-proclaimed group fitness junkie and in her spare time, you can find her at the gym.

Heather Griffith Barber will be speaking in the Acquisitions Track.