Cord Bowen

Director @ Doman Innovation Studio

Cord Bowen is the Director of the Doman Innovation Studio, an incubator supporting startups and product development within the Utah community. He is also a Professor of Strategy and Design at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy. Specializing in innovation, product development, and early-stage fundraising, Cord lectures in the Executive Education Program and nationally on Innovation and Creative Strategy.

He works extensively with startup founders and executive leadership to foster innovation across their teams. With a long track record in program development, he has established programs in design management, product design, and architecture. Cord emphasizes deep work, real-world experience, and social impact in the classroom. His commitment to design, teaching, and leadership has been recognized with multiple awards in education and design.

Cord Bowen will be speaking in the Entrepreneurship Track.