Br33 Jon3s

Br33 Jon3s is best known as the founder and CEO of Gam3r Studios. Gam3r Studios develops software that gamifies fields like education, fitness, and project management in practical, yet fun, ways; much which integrates generative AI. Gam3r Studios is also currently developing a few in-house video games with groundbreaking technology and financial applications that will be released sequentially within the coming years. Br33 is also the founder and Scrum Master for Swiss Apps IT, aka "The quiet giant of AI technology". Swiss Apps IT privately contracts the development of proprietary software for large corporate clients and government entities. Additionally, she is the chair of Spid3rThink. As the real-world experiment of a business model hypothesis Br33 developed several years ago, Spid3rThink is an ecosystem of interconnected companies which includes Gam3r Studios, Swiss Apps IT, Deep DeFi, and a few other companies that will be launching within the next couple of years such as c3ntric, Hardw3ar, and a large-scale aerospace corporation. Spid3rThink also sponsors several other businesses globally within various industries as a silent partner.

Br33 Jon3s will be speaking in the AI Track.